Thursday, 21 December 2017

Films of 2017 - Part Two + Winner

2014 - Silver Linings Playbook
2015 - Whiplash
2016 - The Hateful Eight

The following is my top 5 films of the year, all of which were 5 star recommended by my good self.
Disagree? Of course you will.
I wouldn't have it any other way but a few of you seem to enjoy/troll these so I'll keep doing them.
Also, this post should take the blog past 10,000 hits so thanks for that also.

Lets wrap this shit up! Starting with No.5


Baby Driver poster.jpg

Baby Driver

I had the opportunity to go to one of the Odeon Screen Unseen events. For those not in the know, you pay a reduced admission to see a about to be released hotly buzzed about movie. It wasn't guaranteed to be Baby Driver but it ticked all of those boxes and the relief in the cinema when the titles ran was immense.

I knew the basic premise but what I didn't know was the concept of how it plays out and the opening scene linked above sets the tone as to whether you would find Baby Driver your kind of flick. Essentially the cinematography, the dialogue, the whole setting of the scene centres on the music which is pretty much the opposite of how cinema works. If Baby, the main character drops a cup of coffee for example, it fits the timing of the music because that came first and the coffee spill was inserted to sync to the track. Get it?

Above all else, Baby Driver is the coolest film of the year.
The music is cracking and there are plenty of tunes you knew and plenty that you will add to your play list once you finish watching. It's the film that Shazam was born to accommodate.
Add some fresh faces with established character actors surrounding them, polished car chases and a relentless third act and you have yourselves a good time.

Obviously none of us knew to what extent the Hollywood sex scandal would rock the industry and to some extent, Baby Driver suffers as it features a role performed by Kevin Spacey. Without getting too deep into it, this film shouldn't suffer because of what he did which should be the same for his other meatier roles (Se7en) although some (American Beauty) may take on a different context. Chinatown hasn't been banned simply because Roman Polanski directed it, Pulp Fiction continues to be screened on TV even though Weinstein paid for it and Baby Driver should be enjoyed despite its bad luck. At least they didn't have to reshoot a whole movie in a month like Ridley Scott did...

Rant over!


Dunkirk Film poster.jpg

(Blind Watch)

This was very hard to resist but having closed my eyes to Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar, I'm not going to stop now. Nolan's films among other things a visceral journey and why would I want to ruin that months prior in a trailer? As I sat in multiple screenings this year and had to listen to the pounding Hans Zimmer score with my head down, it was all worth it in the end.

The story of Dunkirk was unknown to me (before this came out, I assumed Dunkirk related to Ireland?!) so a history lesson was a welcome addition and for those expecting a Saving Private Ryan gorefest are to be disappointed. This is about survival, not death. The enemy are seldom seen in the flesh. Your attention is transfixed on the British and even though you may know how it turns out, you still find yourself willing for the cavalry to arrive and save the world.

Tom Hardy features in a pivotal but also minor role (his face covered with a fighter pilot mask similar to that of Bane) but the stars of the film are the faces you've never seen before and weirdly, Harry Styles of One Direction. If he wasn't Harry, we wouldn't be talking about him but ever since it was announced, the hysteria of his casting was similar to when a blond haired chap got the role of 007 and we all know how wrong the tabloids/internet was then. Styles escapes with his reputation intact in my opinion.

As with Baby Driver, sound is key but in a completely different way. The score is connected to time and that's because of Dunkirk's narrative structure. Each military assault (Air, Sea and Land) relates to a different period of time whether that be aerial dogfights (one hour), a risky channel crossing (one day) or in the instance of the 400,000 strong beach battalion unit, a week of uncertainty and nowhere to escape.

A man and a woman dancing at sunset; a city view stretches out behind them. The woman is wearing a bright yellow dress; her partner is wearing a white colored shirt and tie with dark trousers.

La La Land

Back in January, this was doing the Oscar scene and all was well with the world. Then someone tripped a switch somewhere and a backlash was created. I have no idea why but typing this in December somehow seems more controversial then it would have done way back in the Spring.

La La Land is, as it turns out, a marmite film. There are people who love it and there are the 'other' people. The mole people who love shade and rainy days. They missed out on that job 12 years ago and take out their hate on things that people love like puppies, caramel and winning scratchcards. Obviously I love it because warm blood pumps through my veins and I have working eyes and ears. Emma Stone works her socks off and fully deserves the plaudits she received, the original songs are uplifting and will stay in your head months after you've heard them.

However the film doesn't stay with you for how it looks or how it sounds, although both most definitely do that. For me, it's how it makes you feel throughout. You are transported to a simpler time despite the film being set in present day. There is no hate, no Trump, no DC Extended Universe.

Only Sun.


The Handmaiden film.png

The Handmaiden
(Blind Watch)

According to Wikipedia, The Handmaiden is "a South Korean erotic psychological thriller film inspired from the novel Fingersmith by Welsh writer Sarah Waters, with the setting changed from Victorian era Britain to Korea under Japanese colonial rule."

No you haven't been redirected to Sight and Sound's best films of the year list, it's still the same Adam who watches Die Hard every other month and only eats orange foods. Back in the day I used to watch foreign film like nobodies business but as the years roll on, I found myself with less hours to waste away and choices to either watch Robert Downey Jnr fly around in a metal suit or the best that world cinema had to offer. I usually chose the former. 

Let me just say this. The Handmaiden is sexy as fuck! It's also very funny but its selling point is pure unadulterated eroticism. Luckily, its required to tell the story and not just tossed in for the sake of it. After the initial shock of what you're witnessing, you become accustomed to it and unclench the armrest.  As I mentioned/pasted from Wiki, the setting of the story has moved entire continents and time periods. Whilst I cannot claim to have read Fingersmith, the author has said that this is not a literal adaptation but rather "inspired" by the novel and its central themes. 

I find myself noticing the theme and use of time in this year's list (only Baby Driver in my top 5 tells a linear story with a straighforward plot ) and The Handmaiden is no different. Its narrative structure is told from varying perspectives and in flashbacks and sometimes out of order. It's a great device to tell a story of deception and romance. 

A Ghost Story poster.jpeg

A Ghost Story
(Blind Watch)

It’s not a horror film.
It’s not a thriller.
It’s exactly what it says it is...A Ghost Story.

It’s a terribly simple premise but with themes of loss, loneliness and life that could have you debating for hours. A couple struggling through marriage suffer a sudden tragedy that changes their lives forever. I don’t wish to sell it much beyond that because I honestly don’t want to go beyond that initial plot point for fear of ruining the experience. If someone told me what it was about before I watched it, I feel like it would not be my film of the year. It’s unlikely you’ve seen a trailer so please, please, try to find it online or on DVD and give it a go without reading the synopsis.

To be honest, it would have been much easier to have picked The Handmaiden or La La Land as they can be described at length but it wouldn’t have been correct. This film has stayed with me ever since I saw it and it will not leave me alone. At times during the film, I failed to blink. It is mesmerising whilst also being very still and calm. 99% of the film takes place in the one location but even that takes you to places you could never have imagined going to.

It stars Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck and is directed by David Lowery, who I’ll admit I’ve never heard of. It has the sense (at least to me) that it was previously a short film concept expanded to a feature similar to Whiplash. It was made for only $100,000 which sickens me that someone thought of this premise and made it for next to nothing while I languish here with no ideas of my own.

I only know two people who have seen this film, one loved it and one hated it. I know plenty of people that would think this is a load of shit, my wife included but they would be missing out.
It is simply...

A Ghost Story.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Films of 2017 - Part One

First up...some housekeeping.

Firstly, I am going to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in about 2 hours so if that turns out to be da bomb, you may see it further down this page (In which case, sorry Caesar!)
Update - Star Wars was good but not top 10 good.

Again I must stress that I haven’t seen every film that came out this year. Which means by proxy that I haven’t seen that amazing Bulgarian factory drama or the movie about ‘the guy with the thing.’ Having looked at Empire’s Top 20 of 2017, I haven’t seen 8 of them (sorry, Death of Stalin) but that’s what’s great about lists, they’re open to interpretation, opinion and debate...unless you have Kingsman 2 on it because if you do you’re a fucking idiot.
Let’s go!


War for the Planet of the Apes
I’ve been a fan of this series since the first instalment in 2011 (Rise of...) and the sequel that took it one step further (Dawn of - I know it’s confusing). But now it’s war and there’s no going back.
Apes has so much depth to it that naysayers will never get to see because they think it’s all computer graphic monkey bollocks. But there is so much more character to these apes that it puts two hairy fingers up at other blockbusters who toss in a damsel in distress to bump up the numbers. Caesar the ape has become a true leader with hopes of peace but in this film, those beliefs are tested to the absolute limit hence the title.
Andy Serkis deserves the vast majority of praise for the evolution of Caesar and Motion Capture in general. If Daniel Day Lewis ran round in a monkey costume, they would throw all the awards his way but because it’s a CGI character, seemingly that isn’t good enough for the academy to notice that the acting behind those pixalated eyes is bursting out.
If I were critical, the female characters in the franchise have always been weak and this film to my recollection only has one fully fleshed out female character and the big bad (Woody Harrelson) isn’t much to shout home about either but the trilogy has an beginning, a middle and an end with no weak entries.
At least they didn’t start singing and dancing!

Film in a nutshell - Ape-calypse Now


Thor: Ragnarok
(Blind Watch)

Post Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel proved that it doesn’t all have to be all Dr Doom and gloom. It can’t be light and funny and have enough colour to put your eyes into a coma. We all could see through the years that Thor/Hemsworth like so many other characters had great comic timing but to switch Thor from a action movie to a comedy buddy movie was still bold as fuck! And it paid off royally!
Retro is back thanks to the already mentioned Guardians but also Stranger Things and a cosmic psychedelic trip through space with the God of Thunder was a masterstroke. Then add in a Hulk and you have a hit on your hands.
Image result for thor ragnarok
But we’re not about Jeff Goldblum playing Jeff Goldblum but in space?”
Stop! You’ve done enough! you had me at Jeff.
Ragnarok works on many levels but none more so than forcing the character to evolve due to some extremely bold decisions which will affect his ability to function in future MCU chapters.
Film in a nutshell - Thor-oughly enjoyable!


Get Out
Empire and many other publications announced this as their film of the year and it’s easy to see why. It plays as an indie thriller, a socio-political satire and yet another example that original films can be extremely profitable.
Written and directed by Jordan Peele (of sketch duo Key and Peele fame), the premise is simple. A boyfriend travels with his girlfriend to meet her parents for the weekend. However the colour of his skin gives him doubts that the encounter will be in his favour. What happens after that is layer upon layer of mystery, tension and cringe.
The Golden Globes recently nominated it for best film under the Musical/Comedy category. I wouldn't go as far to say it's piss your pants hilarious but it definitely has the odd chortle.
It’s the kind of film that demands a second viewing once you know how it ends. As I write this, it almost feels like a movie length episode of Black Mirror so if you’re into that style and substance, you should find enjoyment here.
Film in a Nutshell - Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner + Being John Malkovich


Blade Runner 2049
I would never have imagined this being on my list when it was announced to be finally happening. I’m not a fan of the original having tried a few times to find why its beloved. It’s terribly nerdy as to why I decided to go see it but it was the team behind the camera that I trusted. Director Denis Villeneuve and cinematographer Roger Deakins have not put a foot wrong in their careers and Villeneuve’s last three films (Prisoners, Sicario and Arrival) made my lists and this continues that tradition.
To start with, the film is absolutely gorgeous. And with other films to come on the list with amazing cinematography, that category will be hard to predict come Oscar night. Every frame is crafted to within an inch of its life whether it’s a sandy terrain or a city street. Ryan Gosling is immensely watchable as the main character who gets drawn into a deeper mystery than he ever imagined. If he had only ate a bowl of cereal on screen, this would be my film of the year!
Despite the fact that there’s two guns on the poster, there is not as much action as you would expect. When it arrives it’s well executed but you don’t find yourself itching to see it either. The same can be said of the running time. It’s closer to three hours than two but again you don’t find yourself hoping that one set piece is the last. Yeah, it could chop off a few scenes and not lose its heart but it’s only a minor gripe.
Image result for blade runner 20149
I would say you would have to see the original to fully enjoy the film but as with many long awaited sequels, there is a way to watch it unaided by nostalgia. The only downside is that by the time you read this, the movie won’t be on the cinema and you really ought to watch this with the biggest and noisiest screen you can find. It’s a visual triumph.
Film in a nutshell - Blockbuster with Brains


I think it would be fair to say that the X-Men movies have been left far behind since the MCU came on the scene. Not since X-Men 2 has the mutants been on top form until now. As with Thor Ragnarok, the powers that be decided “fuck it.” In actual fact those voices was just one, Hugh Jackman. In exchange for lower salary and a lower budget, Fox agreed to let Jackman make the Logan movie he always wanted to make.

The result is bleak, brutal and bloody. Jackman looks like this was the Wolverine film that he always wanted to make and he's having fun exercising his acting chops. The surprise weapon is the Wolfie/Professor X dynamic that is at times hilarious but also deeply moving. It's the human angle that makes this a great watch rather than the mutant one. A clever side effect to the professor's worldly powers is a good concept which in parts makes up for the lack of a true cold villain, a weakness in many a comic book movie.

Image result for logan professor x

This is Jackman's NINTH appearance on screen as Logan and it's been a bumpy ride especially in the latter years but to see him in this justifies the choice and because we've been with him every step of the way, through good and bad, it's gleeful to see him finally find the sweet spot with the character which makes it more devastating as we're led to believe that his time as Wolverine is coming to a close.

Film in a Nutshell  - The one where Logan has to get up twice a night to take a piss.

That's it for this week. Next week sees the final chapter of 2017 where I run down all of my 5* movies and find out which one gets the honour of Film of the Year 2017. A hint...Unlike the last three years, this film did not get released in January!

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Films of 2017 - Honourable Mentions

- STOP THE PRESS - Currently I’m halfway through Kingsman - The Golden Circle and unless it suddenly reaches out of the television and hands me everlasting life and every back issue of the Beano will go down as the most disappointing film of the year. It’s not 1* bad on its own terms but compared to its predecessor it most certainly will disappoint any logical person. The charm has all but gone, the plot has become beyond ludicrous (robot dogs!?) and the jokes are practically nonexistent. Seeing as it was made by the exact same cast and crew as last time baffles me that it could go this wrong.

The following movies came close to making my best of ‘17 but just couldn’t break the top 10. All of these are really good 4* films and should be viewed by everyone.


It’s great to watch a hidden gem as I call them and have no clue as to the story or even the general jist of the genre. I had heard Anne Hathaway lavish praise during a podcast interview she was on a few months ago and luckily for me, I had forgotten how she described the film as I do often do.

A few reviewers have likened Colossal to a marmite movie and I can see what they mean. There is a certain sense of disbelief you have to have watching this and if you find yourself scoffing halfway through, the second half isn’t going to pull you back but if you can switch off and take it for what it is, it’s splendid. Whilst there is action in it which can rival superhero films, there is also suspense involving a simple footstep. Put it this’ll never look at a playground the same way again. Trust me. 

Spider-Man Homecoming 

Somehow I managed to find the worst poster in existence but of the Marvel films this year, this felt like the closest to the comics themselves. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, the hero is still innocent enjoying his new found skills and romance is not the be all end all. 

The newly agreed Marvel-Sony co-production means that Spidey can now interact with his fellow superheroes and Tony Stark as his mentor and guide is a natural fit post Civil War and beyond. 

We all felt we had it so good with Tobey Maguire until he started dancing and harassing women in bars with his black hair. Then we had Andrew Garfield who wasn’t too bad but got landed with dodgy villains and rebootitis. We always say this but it feels right this time. Tom Holland embodies petty mischief, loyalty and a childhood that is yet to be extinguished by great responsibility via great power. 

It’s not all roses. The MCU is forced in fairly heavily in parts (a list of items on the Stark jet is unnecessary) and the last action set piece was hardly a thrill ride especially seeing as we saw a lot of it in the final trailer. Arguably, it’s Holland’s scenes as schoolboy Peter Parker who steals the show rather than his web slinging alter ego. 

The Big Sick

Arguably the only “Rom-Com” on my recommend list this year although when you think about it, there wasn’t much in that genre to speak of this year (can you think of one?) so maybe this is why The Big Sick resonated with moviegoers. It took film festivals by storm and the independent movie got very respectable box office numbers due to its authentic story wth characters we can believe actually exist in the real world. Probably helped by the fact that it’s based on true events with Kumail Nanjiani playing himself and Zoe Kazan playing his on off girlfriend. 

Worth seeing alone for what in my opinion contains one of the best jokes/one liner this year in reference to September 11th. Again, trust me. 

Wonder Woman

Much has been written about how it empowers women and how it has given a shot in the arm to Hollywood and the mostly male power players. That’s very likely true but for me, it was just a bloody good film and that’s why it resonated so well with the public. It wasn’t bogged down in Extended Universe business, it had heart, soul, humour, solid set pieces and a charming lead character. The third act in my opinion became a bit too explodey (technical term) but nearly every superhero film is guilty of that.

It’s worth pointing out that although Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice is utter shite, it does have some redeeming qualities, one of which was casting the perfect Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot. So in a way, Ben Affleck saved cinema and equality, right?


Director Boon Joon-Ho made my list way back when with Snowpiercer (which to my knowledge has yet to have been released in the UK despite being made nearly 5 years ago). Okja doesn’t make the top 10 but is certainly original with themes of greed, capitalism and animal cruelty concerning an animal which looks mostly pig 🐽 but crossed with a hippo. Sounds shit but I assure you shit it ain’t. Co-written by author/podcaster Jon Ronson and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton and Paul Dano (my official spirit animal) this is extremely likeable, insane and sad in equal measure.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Films of 2017 - The Worst of 2017

And so it begins...with two kids to look after, not to mention a wife, who for some reason wants constant attention as if I’m bound by law to tend to, I’ve struggles to get to the cinema as much as I’d like. However I’ve been flying through the internet to catch up in the autumn and I gave myself a self inflicting book ban so that I saw as many films as possible. A few in the top 10 are thanks to this method.

But as ever to get to the top, we need to start at the bottom.

Out of every gorgeous baby comes human shit and Hollywood is no different. 2017 has been a vintage year for unoriginality and unspeakable horror. But enough about Love Island, here is my opinion on what was cinematically god awful in 2017.

As ever please note that I am not Mark Kermode or any other film critic and as you should already know that by my grammar and simple language, it means that I have not seen every film that came out so if you think one you love or hate is missing, let me know and I’ll tell you if I saw it.


After the Shia era ended, I vowed not to spend any more hard earned money seeing Transformer films at the cinema. I’ve kept that promise over two god awful Marky-Mark starring robot porn extravaganzas. This is officially the worst film I’ve seen this year. As usual it’s running time is 2 and a half hours long which means it could have been a much better movie if they shaved off about 2 and a half hours off the final cut. Where to start? There’s the usual obligatory water thin attempt of a female character, a few dozen annoying robots, some of whom we’re meant to remember the names of from other films. Some are fat (HOW!?). There’s a small role for Tony Hale (Arrested Development/Veep) that will be studied for decades to come as an example of money grab acting. Carson from Downton Abbey play Carson but as as robot and has significant screen time. Really!


Unnecessary reboot of the J-Horror reboot franchise. The original Americanised version back in 2002 was solid but now they’re fucking with the mythology so much, the ‘tape’ is no longer a tape, it’s a fucking mp4 file that they drag and drop to copy. There are so many good horror films that came out this year, this is not one of them. Ctrl / alt / delete log out of all future attempts. 


The classic dilemma of a film that doesn’t know  what it wants to be. A romantic comedy? Well it’s not romantic that’s for sure. An indie comedy? Perhaps but it’s not laugh out loud funny. A drama? Can’t be because they’re trying (not very hard) to be funny and romantic. The only saving grace is Anna Kendrick who can do no wrong in my eyes. 


A Netflix original flick based on the Iranian Embassy terrorist siege in London that resulted in an ambitious SAS infiltration mission that was seen live on TV around the globe. Sounds like an awesome idea for a movie except somehow they made it a boring attempt at a Paul Greengrass docu-drama.


An easy victim to add to the list admittedly but what can I say? I’m not the demographic this is aimed at and yet I was subjected to it. The dialogue is beyond ludicrous...

Christian Grey: I hope you're not a sore loser. Anastasia Steele: That depends on how hard you spank me.

Maybe I’ll watch it again just to make sure I thought it was utter balls 🤔

Other stinkers of the year (but not stinky enough to get a deeper mention) include:

  • Assassins Creed (promising but fell apart)
  • The Great Wall (colourful stupidity)
  • The Belko Experiment (Looked like it had been pulled out of the 90’s - in a bad way)
  • Kong Skull Island (another example of how a visually striking film can’t paper over the fact that it’s boring and offered nothing new)

NEXT WEEK - The movies that (nearly) made the top ten...

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Hope and Glory in a Nutshell

Oh right, that's the festival that was on this weekend. I love bands from 12 years ago! Was it good?
What happened?
How long have you got? For the majority of people, the festival was a nightmare. It was that unsafe that the organiser cancelled the second day and people are fuming.
Unsafe? Where was it being held? Speke?
No actually it was being held in the gardens of St George's Hall. They cordoned off the whole park along with the road alongside the World Museum. Apparently the whole thing was a bottleneck and some magical bridges weren't built on time that would have allieveated and solved all of the worlds problems.
Hey! I'm the one who tells the jokes. You stick to the facts rather than make up stories. 
Ok. After the event was cancelled, the event organiser went on a rant concerning stolen pints of milk, sandwiches, Vodka and Apple Macs.
What did I just just say about joking around? 
This isn't a joke
Oh dear god! Who is this man?
His name is Lee O'Hanlon. He runs a festival company called Tiny Cow which is connected to Hope and Glory when it suits him but not at all connected when the shit hit the fan. He's essentially the public face of this calamity.
Has he apologised?
That's a tricky question. He...
No it's not that hard. Has he apologised for cancelling a music festival that he organised?
This interview held last night may explain his general attitude towards apologies.
Oh for the love of all that is holy. This man sounds like he's the one who stole the Vodka. 
Which is surprising as his personality on Twitter is very different.

This is hilarious! It sounds like a 12 year old got hold of the account. 
Lee O'Hanlon said on Monday that a 'junior member' was in charge of the Twitter feed during the weekend and has now been relieved of the task.
And do the great British public believe such tosh? 
No. As you can see, the 'humour' during the weekend and Monday night is very similar.
Maybe the junior member was actually Lee with a few brewskis in his tum.
You said it not me. Lee could have you done for Libel.
No. This isn't me talking. It's a ermmm (scrambles round desk). It's a junior quiche. I have now taken over this blog as of 10.38am this morning. 
Nice one quiche!
So what's happening in regards to refunds?
Didn't you read the statement or listen to the interview.
Yeah but he went on about sandwiches for a few hours and I got bored. 
Basically news is starting to filter out concerning refund information but we'll believe it when it actually happens.
Did you get a comment from Lee for this article?
Sandwiches, sandwiches, milk, bridges!